“A R R I V A L”

During the Christmas season the main focus for Christians is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And before His birth and before His conception, another arrival happened that would change the course of human history. A disruption, a great personal disruption that had the potential to wreck the life of one man and woman as they embarked on their journey to a life together. Continue reading “A R R I V A L”

3-Spending Habits of Pastors That Can Wreck Your Church

Pastors, no doubt, have a lot on their plate. The emails, phone calls, complaints, hospital visits, weddings, funerals, staff meetings, administrative meetings, planning, sermon preparation, weekends,…and the list goes on and on and on. And pastors typically do not enter into the fiscal management of the church, so what is this about the dangerous spending habits of pastors? Well, there are at least three ways pastors can spend their time and energy that will eventually lead to their personal destruction and perhaps even the destruction of the church they lead. I’ve named three. Continue reading 3-Spending Habits of Pastors That Can Wreck Your Church

“Stay in Your Lane”

http://traffic.libsyn.com/thejwpodcast/019.mp3 One of my pet peeves is bad traffic, especially when drivers don’t pay attention. They’re in and out of their lane and sometimes they cause major accidents. Bud nothing good comes from drivers who don’t stay in their own lane. Sometimes we have a tendency to get out of our own lane when it comes to living life. We get into other people’s business … Continue reading “Stay in Your Lane”

Episode 6: “Do Black Lives Really Matter?”

“Do black lives matter?” Most of us say that they do. In fact, we believe that all lives matter. And that’s right, they do. But today I want to talk specifically the black community and the white community’s responsibility and the white community’s response in lieu of that responsibility. As Christians, we must base both our mindset and our responses to the standard of God’s Word. Continue reading Episode 6: “Do Black Lives Really Matter?”

Episode 4: “When God Fails to Rescue You From Trials”

Have you ever wondered why God has not rescued you from your situation? Have you ever wondered how long you were going to remain in a situation before God did something…before he rescues you? In this episode Pastor Jamie Worley asks the question and answer the question: “Why does God sometimes choose not to rescue us in our trials?” Continue reading Episode 4: “When God Fails to Rescue You From Trials”