surprisedI don’t mind flying, I really don’t. People make flying really convenient these days. The airports are full of stores and restaurants for your liking. Now they’re expensive, but if you want it or if you need it, you can probably find it. Convenience is king. On the airplane there’s free peanuts, pretzels, and pop served to you any way you want them. If you like, you can even buy beer or mixed drinks. Everything is convenient. But there’s one thing that is convenient, but at the same time frustrating to me. The WiFi. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to have WiFi at all. I remember the days when there was absolutely no WiFi and you were pretty much forced to talk to the person sitting next to you. I like to talk, but that’s just me. Most people I’ve discovered don’t. But that’s another subject for another time. To each their own. But the WiFi is a great idea, but it crawls. I’m telling you, it is S….L….O….W….slow. I have a connection, but it’s a weak one. I can barely type out this blog as I sit here on the plane. It’s a long flight from Chicago to Portland, which is hard enough, and now my connection with the world below, namely my wife and kids, is anemic at best.

airplane-png-7I feel like that in my spiritual walk sometimes. I know I’m going somewhere, somewhere important, but my connection with God feels weak. I strain to hear Him at times and at other times I strain to even remember to talk to Him. It’s like life moves at 500-mph and I’m flying right by or right over time and the next thing I know I feel like I’m 36,000 feet from the Person who’s most important in my life. The most stunning part to me I think is that God lets me do it and doesn’t send a bolt of lightning my direction. Grace. Total grace. So I’ve been thinking on this flight about how I can do less sky travel with a weak connection. And I’ve come up with two things that might help me and, hey, they might even help you too. I don’t know, but here’s what I’ve got.

  1. Drive more. Stay grounded. Don’t move so fast and don’t travel over people. Pay attention to the
    people in your circle. After all, you share space with them. You know, those little ant-looking people you see when you occasionally look down from your proverbial aircraft. Yes, those people. Time to get a closer look. Land the plane and take a drive this year. In other words, map out your weekly schedule and don’t work too much. I’ve been to many funerals and I’ve officiated many funerals and no one remembers much or gives a rip about how you sacrificed your family and close fnational-lampoons-vacation-1983-movie-02riends for your job. When it is mentioned, they never mention it with a smile because the person traded the lasting rewards of loving relationships with the temporary satisfaction of money or the concept of “providing.” Ask the widow who’s spouse worked so very hard to “provide” whether or not they were happy in their relationship. Stay grounded by making a weekly schedule that includes your work, relaxation, church attendance, and social time with friends. Do you want joy or do you want consistent and continual dissatisfaction? Drive more. Stay grounded.

2. Stay connected. I’m not talking about that malnourished WiFi connection. I’m talking about major broadband. The kind of connection you get when you’re sitting right next to the WiFi router. The kind ku1iqof4rox16un5j7mgof connection that allows you to stream Fox Sports, ESPN, and Dr. Phil at the same time without missing a beat. How do you stay connected? You stay in the Word of God. Read the Bible consistently and regularly. Talk to God in a time of silence or quiet. Talk to God throughout the busy day. Talk to Him during your tasks. Talk to Him during your meals. Talk to Him when you’re driving. Remain aware of Him. Your spiritual WiFi signal strength is completely determined by your mindfulness of His presence in your life and your acknowledgment by prayer. Without a strong spiritual WiFi connection, your car will either quickly turn into an airplane once again or you’ll drive around with no GPS guidance. Remember, it’s dark down here on the ground and you’ll need more than headlights to guide you through to your destination. We need all the help we can get right? Stay connected.

As you head into the new year, commit to not flying. CHECK YOUR NO FLY ZONE FOR 2017. It’s convenient, but it’s not worth it. Live amongst your family and friends daily. Love them while you can. That is a journey worth pursuing and experiencing. And stay spiritually connected. God loves you very, very much. Only He can be trusted to get you to where you’re going. Only He knows the best way. And only He can rightly guide you. Trust Him. Talk to Him every chance you get. These two things will guarantee that you experience the people God has placed and will place in your life for all that it could be and should be. Start 2017 by committing to living a quality life, an on the ground life with a spiritual WiFi signal that will guide you into all truth and purpose. 

P20Blessings and Happy New Year!

In Christ Alone,

John 15:5