“A R R I V A L”

During the Christmas season the main focus for Christians is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And before His birth and before His conception, another arrival happened that would change the course of human history. A disruption, a great personal disruption that had the potential to wreck the life of one man and woman as they embarked on their journey to a life together. A faithful response to this disruption would be necessary. You and I experience disruptions in life. Many are minor, but some are life-changing. As we take a look at Luke 1, we’ll see how the Virgin Mary responded to perhaps the greatest disruption in human history and we’ll extract three life principles that will help you face, survive, and thrive through life’s toughest disruptions.

Introductory Story: Heidi Thies

Producers: Missy Clary, Stephanie Wallis, & Audrey Thies

Speaker: Jamie Worley

“ARRIVAL” from TrueLife Community on Vimeo.