“Open Letter to…”

I’m not a big fan of “open letters” to so and so. I think largely because I don’t believe for one second that the person the letter is written to ever reads it, ever. It’s usually a celebrity who will never bat an eye at even the most sincere of open letters. It seems to me that open letters to celebrities are for the writer more than the celebrity and is only shrouded with some sincere intent to communicate something. But hey, I’m no judge of those who write open letters to celebrities. More power to you.

So I decided to write an open letter of my own. My open letter isn’t to a celebrity or a politician or a professional athlete. I am writing to someone who is actually more important to my life than any celebrity ever could be. My open letter is to someone who can actually make a difference. My open letter is to someone whom I know will actually read it, lol. My open letter is to me. Here goes.


Dear Me, (cough, cough, clears throat)…I mean, Dear Jamie,

Life is not fair, so do not be surprised at injustice. When pain occurs, get on your knees and forgive even the most grotesque offense against you or your family. When you drink a cup of coffee, remember the hard-working hands that plucked those beans so you could have it. When you make eye contact with your wife, remember the first time it happened. When you see the sun ever so often (I live in the northwest, lol) remember the your childhood family vacations in Orlando. When you eat chili, remember PawPaw’s Brunswick Stew. When you give Jaidyn and Jakob piggy-back rides, remember your dad’s piggy-back rides. When you smell food cooking in the kitchen, remember your mom’s hard work to make sure you always, always, always had three hot meals every single day growing up. When you lie down at night to rest, remember those who are lying down under the Burnside Bridge. When you hear the silence of being alone, remember that you’re not. When you have night terrors, remember that there are many who actually live those terrors daily. When people who don’t know you judge you or insult you, remember they know not what they do. When you feel the right to be smug or chippy with someone, remember to be patient as God has been patient with you. When you don’t like the music or preaching at church, remember that God is wonderfully pleased with it, so join Him in it. 

These are just a few things you should do and remember Jamie. I hope you improve as a person and make the necessary corrections so that you can be a better example of Jesus to the world, the world He loved and gave His life for and the world He still loves and gave you a life to use to prove it. I’m praying for you. The great theologian, Michael Jackson, said it best, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror.” That’s good advice. Oh! One last thing. Many people are voting for Clinton and Trump for many different reasons. Nothing is more important than the sanctity of life. Politics are important, but they are man-made. Life is most important because it is God-made. Vote for God-made stuff every single time. To do otherwise is to worship the man-made over the God-made. Grace to you.

In Christ Alone,