Episode 6: “Do Black Lives Really Matter?”

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“Do black lives matter?” Most of us say that they do. In fact, we believe that all lives matter. And that’s right, they do. But today I want to talk specifically the black community and the white community’s responsibility and the white community’s response in lieu of that responsibility. As Christians, we must base both our mindset and our responses to the standard of God’s Word. Everyone is scrambling to blame politicians and police officers and/or policies and flawed laws. Is the answer gun control policies, charging Hillary with a crime, firing police officers, prosecuting police officers? What’s the answer? Well, as Christians we may not have the answers, but God gives us very clear instructions for what we can do and what we should do, especially in this series of unfortunate and tragic events. Tune in and let’s turn things around one conversation at a time. Black lives matter as much as Jesus’ life mattered.