Episode 5: “When God Fails to Open New Doors”

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S  H  O  W    N  O  T  E  S

Are you in a desert or a rut? Have you come out of one situation, expecting something big to happen on the other side, but when you get there nothing happens? You find yourself in a rut for weeks or months…sometimes years. You begin to wonder, “Is this all there is? Is this all that my life will ever be?” If so, I assure you that you are not alone. Many people feel this way. In this episode I talk about this very situation. When you’ve been expecting God to do something new, but instead, life has become stale and there seems to be no change in sight. What is God doing? What should I expect God to do? What am I supposed to do in this desert? I’ll answer those questions and more, so grab a drink, a notepad, and let’s get started.