I have some exciting news for you all. I have launched a podcast! Here’s the description:

iTUNES graphic“The Jamie Worley Podcast is a podcast designed to bring hope to your life. You’ll hear inspiring stories, learn biblical principles that you can apply to your daily life, and even learn a little theology as we explore how to live life together through life’s ups and downs. You’ll leave every episode motivated and encouraged to live a deeper, daily walk with Christ.”

The first series of episodes is called, “When God Fails…” You’re not going to want to miss these episodes! Feel free to subscribe, rate, and share

Click here to listen on iTunes or click here to listen on my website. You can subscribe to the podcast in either place. When you subscribe, you’ll receive all new podcasts right in your email inbox every Tuesday. And don’t forget to rate the podcast. Let me know how I’m doing and feel free to make su
ggestions on topics you’d like to hear more about.