spilled-liquid-on-laptop-625x400It was one of those perfect mornings on the front porch. The sun was warming the coolness from the dewy grass. The steam from my hot cup of coffee rose like an evening campfire. With my Bible in hand I took a seat and prayed a prayer of thanks to the man and God who saved me and loves me. “Jesus,” I prayed, “use me today as you see fit. I’m all yours.” I opened my Bible to a passage and began to prayerfully contemplate and reflect what God was saying to the original audience so that I could know what He was saying to me in that moment. I heard a noise to my right. It was from down the street. I looked up and saw two police officers walking toward our home. Immediately my heart sank and my stomach disappeared. I knew why they were here. Injustice was about to continue. Nonetheless, it’s our country’s legal process and I had to accept that, fair or unfair. Anyway, I could never compare myself to Jesus, but I believe it’s appropriate to compare situations that are similar. Did Jesus feel that same feeling of injustice, coupled with anxiety when he saw the Roman soldiers coming to arrest him for things He did not do? He certainly prayed, “not my will Father, but yours be done,” just before his arrest. Just before my arrest, I prayed a similar prayer. When they took me into custody it felt like the end of my life. Jesus knew that when they took him into custody that he would be tortured, killed, and would raise again on the third day, bringing victory. I didn’t have that luxury. I’m not God. This is where faith comes in. This is where you either believe what you’re praying and are willing to accept if it actually happens to you, or they’re just words with good intentions.

I have learned this: every Christian’s life will be spilled out. Sometimes you will spill it and at other times God will spill it for you. But it’s going to get spilled. Your life will be emptied for God’s glory and ultimate purposes. For those of you who do not like that idea (neither do I), I completely understand. When you seem to have lost all control of your life to another person or entity it feels horrible. You are being spilled. Two mornings ago I made coffee with the Keurig and my coffee cup was filled to the brim. There was no way I was going to move it from the Keurig to the sink without spilling. I was so careful and thought I could do it, but it was no use. It was like my heartbeat alone was causing the Jurassic Park-like ripple in my cup that caused it to overflow. (Remember the steps of the T-Rex causing the ripple effect in the glass of water?) I was spilling my coffee…helplessly! There are times when your circumstances provide you no escape from spilling. And that is OK. Sometimes in life, we get spilled and sometimes we spill ourselves, but one thing you can count on is this: it is never an accident.

Anyone remember this? Click to watch.
Anyone remember this?

Anytime your life is spilled, it is never an accident. Someone is always behind the spillage. The enemy can cause spillage. You can cause spillage. God can cause spillage. Those are all someones by the way. Circumstances alone never cause spillage, there’s always, always, always someone behind the circumstances. There are no accidents. Circumstances do not have a life of their own. Circumstances are caused by someone. But one thing the Christian can count on is that no matter who is behind the spillage, Jesus is always present with you before, during, and after the spillage. He is always present. The Christian never walks alone, never.

When spills happen in your life, remember these things:

1. Every Christian gets spilled. 

2. Spills are opportunities for your faith to grow.

3. Spills are opportunities for evangelism.

4. Spills are opportunities for humility

5. Spills are opportunities for praisethanks to God.

6. Spills are opportunities for personal reflection.


Jesus, thank You for spilling us so that we can grow in our trust in You. You know what we need and you know how we feel. You’ve been there, done that. Help us to become more humble in our circumstances so we can grow in our faith and in our attitudes of thanks in every situation. We invite you into our spill with hands held high in surrender, and we cry, “not my will, but Yours be done, Lord.” You are my King and I trust You. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.