The Test of Time

Perhaps the most difficult test you face during your lifetime will be, not pain, but the test of time. When you’ve passionately prayed for God to heal, to provide, to move…yet, as time passes by, God doesn’t seem to be answering any of your prayers. Soon, time has turned from hours to days to weeks to months and perhaps to years without any end of your suffering in sight. Why? The following message is called, “The Test of Time.” In this message, I talk about these issues. Whether you’re suffering now or have been suffering for a long-time, you’ll want to hear this message of hope and encouragement. Blessings. -Pastor Jamie

Pastor Jamie Worley



One thought on “The Test of Time

  1. wowsers that one really blew me away in tears. i am in middle of this one year two of the test of time. it helped me but i am really deep in the mire. it is the hardest test i have ever had. i am too struggling with not hearing or seeing God’s presence. It feels like the longest day ever. I don’t ever think about being blessed or restored but often hope for restoration. I understand how the israelites felt eventhough its not the same. it is has been longest years of my life and it is not over yet. I try to what i think i am suppose to but don’t have any confirmations that I am.


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