I Have the Ultimate Gift Card!!!

gift cardThe weather outside isn’t “frightful,” but it’s cold and somewhat wet here in Portland, Oregon. The last year for me and my family has been nothing short of “hell.” The church I pastor is headed in a very exciting, yet bitter sweet season; new places and new faces. There are numerous couples in our church headed for divorce, yet are attending counseling in hopes that will change. There are numerous individuals in our church who struggle horribly with substance abuse and addiction. The personal lives of many seem to be in turmoil and as the sole pastor of the church, I’m certainly short of qualified help.

“Some Christmas letter!” you might be thinking. Let me finish. I say all of the above to say this: The only reason I have hope, the only reason we can face tomorrow, the only reason these couples will find victory in their pain, the only reason addictions will be conquered and overcome and the only reason each individual can quietly and peacefully rest in the bowels of the boat as the storm rages is because there is a God, THE God, who loved and who loves you and I. Further, about 2,000 years ago He funded the ultimate gift card that could answer all of our wants, needs and desires. He sent Jesus, His Son to live, hurt and die in order to load a gift card that could eliminate any debt we could ever possibly accrue in our lifetime.

Have you surrendered your life to Jesus? If so, you’ve been given a gift unlike any other; a gift card unlike any other. You’ve received payment for your sins (past, present and future). You’ve received payment for entry into the eternal Kingdom of God.

So the next time you see a gift card, whether it’s in your wallet or in the store isle, remember the ultimate gift card that is loaded for you. Remember to laugh at the $25, $50 or even the $100 label on those and try to put a price on God’s gift card to you. Go in peace this holiday season-your God, our God is on the throne and HE LOVES YOU…so love Him back.

Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!




One thought on “I Have the Ultimate Gift Card!!!

  1. This is a very good post, I enjoyed reading this post. I do hope that the people in church find success in their relationships. Don’t underestimate yourself you have the education and skills and God on your side to help you guide your congregation.


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