“secURity: U R in It, or U R Not”

Image“Life seems to come at us like a fired bullet. We can either duck and get out of the way or take the hit and suffer. Much like being under gunfire, the world can be a scary place, terrifying us so badly that a good night’s sleep is a mere dream that seems so distant that little hope lies within that dream. Feelings of fear breed feelings of insecurity and instability, and naturally so. Our response is also natural. As we feel insecure and unstable, we react in ways that we believe may give us just a little control over our circumstances. We grip life (our relationships and our conflicts) so tightly in our attempt to gain some security in life, something stable, anything. We desperately and ferociously grasp at the air as if trying to swat flies. But we miss. We miss, time and time again, we swing and miss. We exhaust ourselves in our hopeful attempts to get even just contact with something we can grip. And along the way to our hopeful destination we damage people, usually those closest to us. And we damage ourselves. We eventually find ourselves hopeless, sick of life, sick of family members, sick of people, sick of church, sick of society and sick of God-talk. Sometimes we even get sick with God Himself. When we look in the mirror, staring at the person we are, we are reminded of the flaws, the broken dreams, the hardships. They are obvious-our wrinkles and sadness in our eyes say it all. The eyes are indeed the windows to the soul, and when you get a glimpse of what’s left of you,…it feels hopeless.”

The above quote is taken from someone who was at the end of his rope. Almost talking in the third person, he was talking about himself. That man was me. I remember feeling that way in the depth of my soul. It wasn’t a season or a phase, but it was who I was, who I viewed myself to be and what I viewed my life to be. I had lost everything; my job, my family, my dignity and my pride. I needed security, not insecurity; but I was stuck. My life seemed to have been decided by my failures. The course of my life seemed to be set. I was destined alright, destined for failure, sadness and I would never be any good to anyone except maybe my parents…maybe. I thought about ending my life numerous times, but was too proud to consider it seriously. After all, I had secretly tried once in 8th grade and I couldn’t even do that right. 

I needed something that I could use even in the toughest times. I needed something I could stand on when all seemed hopeless. I didn’t need a rescue, I needed security. Security is protection from death. Security isn’t protection from harm, not in this life and certainly not spiritually. Security is protection from defeat. Security breeds hope. I needed security in life and I needed it at its maximum power. I never found security in people, circumstances, money or jobs. I never found security in a stable and consistent work schedule. None of those guarantee that I won’t be defeated in life. Only God can do that. 

I found security that can’t be found through people, money, awards or jobs. I found security that can’t be found even in the love of another to myself. I found security the only place it can truly be found…in knowing Jesus. He has never failed me, never. In fact, I have never lost my sense of security since I’ve known Him. I placed my trust in Him, fully. I placed my first and very best in His hands and He has blessed me deeply. I am a rich, rich man, but not by the world’s standards. I have hope, peace, comfort, joy and a fulfilling life, regardless of my circumstances. That’s right-regardless of my circumstances. Why? Because I can walk and live and love in security, not because I know the future, but because I know WHO holds it and WHO holds me. He loves me so much that although trouble may come my way, He holds my hand and walks before me, beside me and behind me, promising that He will pull me through. I am secure because my life is no longer in my failing and hurtful and destructive hands. My life is in His pierced hands, the hands that hurt for me and broke for me. I am secure in His wounded hands. There are only two hands in the history of the world that are broken and pierced, yet will never drop you no matter how heavy your sin or your life seems to be. 

Jesus’ hands are open to you and for you right now. Come to Him now. You’re tired and worn out by life. Come to Him right now-He promises to give you rest-real rest. He promises eternal security that begins the moment you land in His hands. Come back to Jesus. He loves you.

“Jesus, thank You for suffering for me and for all. I’m sorry I’ve not lived for You. Please forgive me. Take me in Your hands, forgive me and make me new. I give my broken life to you. Take over. Be my Savior. Show me what to do Jesus. I come to You. Amen.”

**If you prayed that prayer, I would love to talk with you or hear from you (confidential of course). jamie@powellvalley.org


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