Who is He?

jesusWhy do we doubt the person of Jesus? I have discovered that most of the non-Christians I have spoken to and are friends with do not have an issue with anything that Jesus did. They admit that loving on children, healing the sick, feeding the hungry and walking on water were all great and amazing things. They would even say that dying on the cross for others was an incredible act of love. They do not take issue with the things Jesus did. So why the rejection of Jesus as Lord and Savior. Certainly Jesus’ actions were second to none and worthy of someone to follow. So why the rejection of Jesus as Savior and King? The answer: because they have issue with what Jesus said.

Jesus made some outstanding statements. In fact, Jesus wasn’t crucified for His actions, the things He did, but He was crucified because of the things He said. Jesus claimed to be the creator of all things, the sustainer of all things, the forgiver of all people, the Messiah, the only way to God the Father, the only way to eternal life; Jesus claimed to be God. God? Like THE GOD OF EVERYTHING? Yes. And so the critic or skeptic (I am a former of both) is forced to look at the life of Jesus Christ and ask, “Is this a man whose actions confirm or deny His claims?” And when we study the life of Jesus Christ, nothing in His life identifies Him as a liar. Everything in His life, when reading the Gospel accounts, Paul’s writings, John’s writings, Peter’s writings and other non-Biblical writings, such as Josephus, nothing identifies Jesus as a liar.

So what are we to do with this man named Jesus? As a student of His life and a follower of Him, personally, after carefully studying all the evidence I have encountered, both secular and religious, I must (even logically) conclude a couple of things:

1. Jesus could not have simply been a “good man.”

2. Jesus could not have simply been a “prophet.”

3. Jesus did live on this earth, die on a cross and rise again on the 3rd day.

4. Jesus was an honest man who never sinned, including never telling a lie.

5. Jesus was and is exactly who He said He was and is: King of Kings, Lord of Lords and Savior of all.

6. Jesus, if He is telling the truth, is coming back to judge both the living and the dead.

7. Jesus, if He lied about His deity, is the most dispicable and damnable human being every to have a heartbeat.

8. Jesus is Lord and Savior to all.

Who do you say Jesus is?

To you, who is Jesus Christ? Just someone who lived? A “good man”?

And here’s the bottom line: If I’m wrong about Jesus and He is not Lord and Savior. I will be eternally OK according to other religions and philosophies (for the most part). But if He IS Lord and Savior, will you be OK?

“Father, forgive me for my sins. I turn my heart and life to You. Take my life and help me to live it solely for you. You are my King. You are my Lord. And You are my Savior. Forgive me and make me new. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”


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