Remember those places called, “Build-a-Bear”? I think they’re still around. You could go into this store, usually in a mall, and make a teddy bear. No more going with whatever a store had! You could build your own from scratch! It was awesome! You picked the size, the color, the eyes, the nose and the mouth. There were different kinds of bears too. You even got the privilege to stuff the bear with the cotton and then close him/her up. It’s really genius because they would charge you three times what a bear would cost in the store and they have YOU create it! They did nothing but direct you. So, in the end, you paid a 300% increase for a bear that you had to produce. That’s really off the point of what I’m trying to say, but hey. And let me add this: I’ve made a build-a-bear and I would do it again.

But starting out as an infant, toddler and then a child, I remember adoring my mother. She was the best! No one could tell me different. If they did, I wouldn’t believe it. Then something happened to her…or to me.

"I know more than you! I want to build-a-mom!"
“I know more than you! I want to build-a-mom!”

I became a teenager. Suddenly the perfect mommy what now, in my eyes, the parent who didn’t have a clue about my life. She would nag me, bother me, irritate me and frustrate me to no end. Moreover, she suddenly became dense. I clearly had a grip on life and knew more than she did about most things. And I remember wishing I could have a different mom. I wanted a mom that would let me shoot my 12-gauge in the front yard, a mom who wouldn’t make me clean my room, a mom who wouldn’t make me come home when it got dark, a mom who wouldn’t ask me, “how was school?” I wanted a mom who would just make my bed, cook my meals, pack my lunch, do my laundry, buy me new clothes, buy me new albums, give me allowance every Friday, tell me not to worry about doing the dishes and send me to heavy metal concerts when they came to town. Is that too much to ask? Geez.

I wanted a different mom. I wanted my friend’s mom. I wanted someone else. I wanted to build-a-mom. I wanted to make my own mom from scratch with my specifications. You know, when you think about it, the only kid who every got to build-a-mom was Jesus. He got to build His own mom. In fact, the Bible says that before we were all born, He knew us! He already what kind of mom He was going to create before He created Mary. Imagine that conversation between the Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit! And when we read the Bible, we clearly see that Mary was the perfect mother Jesus needed. And since Jesus isn’t selfish, we can conclude that He didn’t just do that for Himself. Perhaps He creates all moms to perfect specifications. Funny how we want something, someone different than what God Himself has created for us.

Well, God has made it so that it doesn’t work that way-we can’t create-a-mom. So I was “stuck” with the mom I had. I survived. Poor, poor pitiful me survived. I went to college, go married and had kids. Now I’m in the kitchen of my own house writing a blog about her. It blows me away that I wanted a different mom back then. I shake my head with a half-smile and chuckle as I look over to my near 3-year old son who, like me, has no choice in who raises him. And I thank God that I didn’t have the power and opportunity to build-a-mom. You see, I couldn’t have built such a woman. Only God could have built my mother. She is one word, “amazing.” God’s fingerprints of workmanship cover her both inside and out. I would have created a slave or a servant, not a mom.

God created your mom just the way she is. God knew the exact qualities you would need in a mom, and he built her to exact specifications. You may not like your mom, but she was created by God. And because of that simple fact, you should…you must honor her for who God made her to be. If you have a great relationship with your mom, wonderful. Honor her. If you don’t have a great relationship with your mom and it’s strained, then honor her anyway for who God made her to be. Let everything rest for just one day and honor her. You couldn’t build-a-mom, so God did that for you. Honor the gift of your mom given by the Father.

Father, thank You for moms. Thank You for creating these women who have blessed our lives. Thank You for moms who aren’t our biological mothers. Thank You for using them to fulfill every person’s need to be embraced by a mom. Help me to honor them today and tell them today what they mean to us. Thank You for Your grace and mercy. Help me to love her more today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.



One thought on ““Build-a-Mom”

  1. I want to make sure everyone knows I was not a perfect Mom..I made LOTS of wrong decisions, over-reacted, was over-bearing and at times was downright self-righteous and judgmental. In spite of all that..there was someone who loved us BOTH enough to correct my mistakes AND yours and turned them all into something beautiful. Only God can do that, Son.. He is responsible for the man you have become.and I am extremely humbled but honored to be called your Mother. You are and always have been a blessing to me and your Dad. Love covers a multitude of sin. A Mother always chooses to see and remember the good and quickly forgets the pain..just as she does after delivering that child and looking into His/Her eyes for the first time. She never gives up Hope and Faith that God is working everything out for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. I never quit praying and believing in you. I hope that you do the same for your children. When their behavior is the worst is when they need your love the most. It is easy to love them when they show love to us. Be ready to forgive..again and again. There is a TIME for everything..a time to hug and a time to refrain from hugging..etc. We all hurt each other..sometimes the ones we love the most are the most hurtful because our love has been rejected. Many times I relate this to what Christ must feel when He is rejected by His children..but yet, He loved us still..enough to die for us. It is only when we have experienced hurt and rejection from those we love most that we can truly feel the pain of what Christ suffered on the cross. Have you ever felt crucified? I have..not to even pretend to compare it to the crucifixion of Christ..but still..all I felt I could bear. In time..I was healed and I was able to forgive. There is a time for everything and there is NOTHING new under the sun. With the power of the Holy Spirit, you can do ALL THINGS!!


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