What’s Your Major Malfunction?!!!

ImageWhat’s your problem? What’s your biggest problem right now? What’s just torturing you in the depths of your heart? Maybe you aren’t suffering some major problem right now, but only the irritations that life brings. Either way, everyone has a problem right now. What’s yours? Think about it right now, picture it. 

Now I want you to step back from those irritations and problems for a brief moment. I want you to take a deep breath (go ahead) and think of the last big problem you had (the one before this one). It could be a problem you had last month, last year, three years ago or whatever. Remember that problem. Now open your right hand in front of you. Go ahead, open it. Imagine your problem is in your open hand. Picture it sitting there on your palm.

What do you notice? 

It’s there, but it’s not really there. The memory is there, but there’s nothing really in your hand. That’s because your problem wasn’t something you could mold and shape with your hands, but an experience. Keep your hand open. That problem, which was the last big problem you had is still a memory, but it’s no longer your biggest problem is it? No. It shrunk. And now the current problem is the biggest problem you have. 

That problem too, is not something you can mold and shape with your hands or your mind. It is what it is-an experience. And it will be what it will be-a memory and a tool that makes you stronger. In time, it too will shrink-just like the last one. 

Hang in there. You’re not alone. Step back several times a day, open your right hand and remember that your biggest problem, no matter how big it seems, fits in your right hand. “How do I know it can?” Because you just did it a moment ago with your last huge problem. 

God cares about your problems. He listens to your prayers. He never leaves you to be alone.

As your right hand is open and you put your problem in your open hand, ask God to borrow your problem while you still deal with it (you can’t shape and mold yourself. God can though). Ask God to give it back when He’s done molding and shaping it, and you will receive it back gladly. Time will pass, God will do his thing and you will have successfully endured and survived your last problem and faithfully equipped to conquer the next. 

Oh, after you let God borrow your problem, let me know when He decides to give it back to you. Don’t hold your breath.



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