When God Doesn’t Come Through

“OKkkkk…so where are you God? You promised to be faithful and fight for me. Yet…yet my family and I are getting pummeled by the enemy. Will you really let them split our home? Will you really let them continue to cause emotional distress on our family? Will you really allow our livelihood and reputation to be systematically destroyed? Where are you, God? Will you really provide and provide and provide and then allow the enemy to take it all away? I don’t understand.”

Ever thought this? I have. It’s confusing and it hurts. I wondered, “Will God come through like He promises to come through? Or will he not and I can chalk it up to “God is just shaping me for something coming up.” It’s like if what God does is favorable, then we say He rescued us! If it’s not favorable and we suffer, we say, “God has a plan and will make good out of it.” Don’t you get tired of doing that? It’s like we make God’s decision to act or not to act into something that fits into our minds so we can understand better what exactly happened and so that we can be comfortable, still believe and have faith and keep doubt and anger at bay. I think this self-faith-preservation is wrong and I also think people do this much too often. In fact, I don’t think we need to do it at all. Let me explain.

When we make God’s decisions fit like this, we rob ourselves of an experience with God that is far greater than any comfort we can give ourselves this way. We rob ourselves of crying out to God when it seems He doesn’t come through. We rob ourselves of experiencing total brokenness when we cover up our disappointment with some phrase we want to buy into so badly because it gives us immediate comfort and hope. This is a cheap comfort and a cheap hope.

So what should we do instead when God doesn’t seem to come through? Simple. One word: cry. Cry to God. Feel every pain your disappointment, anger and sadness brings. Feel it without reservation and without resistance. Feel the full effect and then cry. Then cry some more and then some more in the presence of God. Unfiltered and uninhibited pain flowing from the depths of your heart and into the throne room of God. Stop making excuses for God that makes you feel comfortable about your faith and allow yourself to be broken before your Savior, Jesus.

What about figuring out what God is doing? Stop. You can’t and if you could it wouldn’t matter. Just live today in full devotion to Christ. When He gives, cry out in thanks and when He takes away, cry out in pain. But always, always walk faithfully to Him.

“Father, help us to stop making excuses for You that we think helps us understand what You’re doing. Forgive us for deserting brokenness and helplessness. Show us what it means to cry before your throne, both in thankfulness and in brokenness. Thank You, Lord that You give us enough faith to sustain the good times and hard times. We love you Lord. Help us to grow in our faith today. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


3 thoughts on “When God Doesn’t Come Through

  1. I’m there now…broken, angry, think of death daily, etc…can’t seem to take pressures of life anymore…guess I’m a weak man. crying to God but his silence can drive u even more angry


  2. Yes, I think it’s usually a good idea to be honest with God about our feelings about life and about Him. But I’ve recently dropped into some kind of depression that won’t go away because I can’t get my mind to convince my heart that God is a good Father. There’s too many people like Jeff who are in destruct mode because God hasn’t come through for them the way they thought He would based on scripture . It’s almost like God doesn’t care if He’s perceived as loving or not. There seems to be no level of suffering that He won’t let us go through in this life and no promise He won’t ignore no matter how much we claim it.
    Cry out to Him? Why? So He can have another chance to ignore us?
    It took many years for me to to come to believe in my heart that God loved me . It’s taken 2-3 years for me to come to question that love.If He just wants to be my Master and me his slave then why bother with all the “God is love” and Jesus is the good shepherd stuff? Just beat me til I despair of life and then yell at me as only God can yell- like He did with Job. Beat me into submission and then give me a bunch of gifts because I didn’t die. And then God can call himself merciful and loving.
    i feel like I’m nearly blaspheming. And I know I’m in the wrong because God can’t be wrong. But I haven’t been able to make my heart trust that He really loves me when He sometimes lets His children suffer til they go insane.
    Forgive me God for saying these things. Smarter people than me have rejected You completelybecause of the suffering in this life that You do nothing about .I’d like to and I need to get out of this downward spiral but I can’t get a response from God or man to grab on to. There are many things I do understand about God. But why is there no answer for a question that won’t go away.I’m afraid it will consume me.


  3. Jeff & jxt, I know. I’ve been there, and it wasn’t that long ago. A friend told me a story of a beat up piece of dirty metal. It was pounded and pounded until it was deformed. Then it was pounded some more and become reformed into another deformation. It was beaten to a piece of unuseful metal. But then things got even worse. Could it get any worse? Yes. The metal piece was placed under the most intense heat. It should not have survived…but somehow did. It was melted, then it was taken out of the heat and began to cool. After cooling for a while everything seemed to be chilling out. But then it was placed back into the intense heat, hotter than the last time. It was brought out and cooled again. “When will this end?!!! What’s the purpose of this?!!!,” it screamed to the sculptor. The sculptor said nothing and took the piece, held it in his hands, looking it over and then placed it back into the fire, removed it once again, let it cool and then began to beat it mercilessly. The piece felt as though there was nothing of him left. He was heated and melted in his very being, with no word from the sculptor. The sculptor then placed the piece on the mantle in his home. The piece, resting, but hurting sat on that mantle for a long time with his head down. Company would come and go throughout the room, but the piece never looked up. The sculptor finally spoke one day and said, “Everyone who comes to my house is blessed because of you. Hey, please look up.” The piece finally, but reluctantly lifted his head and looked up. The sculptor said, “look over there.” The piece looked over to where he was pointing. It was a mirror. The piece noticed a beautiful solid gold statue of Jesus on the mantle. Then the piece looked around the mantle on which he sat and found no gold statue of Jesus. The sculptor said, “you are like my Son, Jesus. He was beaten, burnt, scolded, tortured, crucified and punished for the sake of others…for the sake of you. And you have had the honor of following in His footsteps…for the sake of others. Others have been blessed by your pain and suffering. It was never in vain. It always had and still has a purpose. That purpose is someone else. Thank you for having faith and giving your life for another. Well done good and faithful servant.”

    Jeff & jxt, hang in there and don’t give up.

    In Christ Alone,



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