“Just Have Faith”??? Really?

Is this it?

“Just have faith!” How many times have you heard that from well-meaning Christians? And how many times have you been told that and your initial reaction isn’t to have more faith, but to throw up? Again, people don’t mean any harm, they just don’t know how to else to help so they make a true statement of encouragement, “just have faith.” I get it. I understand. But when trials that threaten your livelihood, your profession, your reputation, your church, your marriage, your friendships and even your freedom arise, “just have faith” well…just isn’t enough. Someone going through a crisis needs more than that well-meaning encouraging word. They simply need you to “be there.” Being there for someone somehow has a way of transferring your strong faith to their weakened, if not anemic, faith during that time. That being said, if you are the person whom God has provided the privileged opportunity to help another through a difficult time, please do more than say, “just have faith.” Be there for the person with more than words. Cook a meal, bake a pie, mow the lawn, bring them a cup of coffee, get them a card, write them a letter by hand or spend time with them. Don’t just say, “have faith,” but say with your actions, “I have faith for the both of us! I’ll hold you up.” This is true community and this is truly loving your neighbor. Jesus, because of His sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection, is able to impart to you and me the forgiveness of sins and new life, both now and forever. The follower of Jesus is changed and is continually being changed from the inside out to resemble the perfect character of Jesus, the servant-leader and holy Son of God. The follower of Jesus participates in this process by daily surrender of his/her will, desires and behaviors. This is only possible with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. When the faithful, who are fully equipped with the faith they need for every good work, encounter another in need of faith, can uphold the hurting person spiritually. If you’ve ever been hurt or threatened, you know that there is no greater gift than when someone can help you experience peace of mind and peace of heart. However, if you are not a devoted follower of Jesus, you may not have much to offer. You can’t give what you don’t have. Those who decide to devote their lives to God’s Son and to live God’s Way are used to heal and help the hurting. Just having faith should never be without loving support and service from a follower of Jesus. Decide to make a difference today and touch someone’s life through spending time with them and serving them in some way. Someone needs you today…who is it? Now, do something.


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