iCloud miSelf

20120717-171855.jpgiCloud is an Apple concept that takes our information and keeps it for us so we don’t spend a ton of memory on our computers storing all of it. It’s great. But I’m not talking about Apple’s iCloud product. I’m talking about a product we initiate contact with most of the time, stand in and get lost in. What’s the product? It’s the worldly things. Now, don’t go thinking, “Oh boy, here goes another pastor preaching about ‘the world’ and the ‘things in the world.’ Next he’s going to tell us the way we’re living is wrong. What we’re watching on TV is wrong. And that we should tithe more.” That’s not where I’m going with this. Let me explain.

It’s so easy in life to experience the act I like to call, “iCloud miSelf.” I’m talking about the intimate walk with God on a moment-by-moment basis. It is through this walk and moment-by-moment experience that we find wisdom, a sense of peace, security and victory about our lives and the circumstances within our life. It’s found nowhere else. But we can become distracted and our focus becomes clouded, rendering us confused and asking, “where am I?” instead of stating, “lead me, Lord.” This clouding is perhaps one of the greatest hinderances of a person desiring to experience the presence of God on a moment-by-moment basis.

So what is the cloud? Great question. The cloud many times is not created by the enemy, but by you and I. The cloud is a result of the distraction placed in your life circle by the world and/or by the enemy. It’s the removal of our focused mind and heart on God, responding to distraction, that causes our confusion and sense of God being absent. But when we remain focused on Him, regardless of the circumstances (good, bad & ugly), God is clearly perceived, sensed, felt and present to us. When we are clouded, God isn’t clearly perceived, sensed, felt and present with us. Make no mistake, God is always with us, but because we become clouded, we don’t sense His presence.

Speaking of being clouded, there’s a story in Scripture that reflects a disciple who couldn’t quite see clearly. It was cloudy that night, but he was not distracted from being focused on Jesus. In fact, because he refused to be clouded by distraction, he experienced a miracle and came alongside Jesus. But although he wasn’t distracted in the beginning, once God was holding him up in a miraculous way, he did become distracted and began to…well, why don’t you read the story for yourself.

Grab a Bible. If you don’t have one, you can go to www.YouVersion.com and get one for free on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Now read this amazing story of a focused believer that becomes unfocused, clouded. Turn to Matthew 14:22-33 (that’s Matthew chapter 14, beginning with verse 22).


Were you impressed with Peter’s focus in the beginning? Why?
What happened when Peter remained focused?
How did Peter lose focus? How does this relate to your life?
How did Jesus show He is always close, even when we become distracted?
What was Peter lacking that caused him to sink?
What are you lacking today that’s causing you to sink, to become distracted?
What can you do in order to remain focused on God today?

Declare Jesus as the Lord of your life today and worship Him with your whole heart. Do your best to remain focused on Him by…

1. Studying the BIble daily,
2. Spending time in prayer and solitude daily,
3. Committing to live obediently to His Word, and
4. Never cease talking with Him in your mind & heart throughout the day.

This is a four-square meal that will keep you focused so you won’t iCloud miSelf and so you will experience the power and presence of God moment-by-moment.


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