A Follow Up Question

"Who do you follow?"

I have this memory often. I remember being a young boy and going hunting with my dad. We’d spend the night before our hunt, cleaning our rifles, getting our camo suits ready, stuffing our pockets with food, and setting everything out that we’d need for the hunt. I also remember walking to our deer stands, him leading the way, and every step I took I was sure to step exactly where he stepped. I would mimic his body language, look where he looked, and tried to think the way he thought. I blessed to have loving parents. To this day, I still try to step where he steps, look where he looks, and think how he thinks. As a young boy, I followed him closely.

When it comes to your faith, you’re following someone. Everyone does. God puts people in your life to either lead or to follow, and always to love. The question for you today is, “who do you follow?”

I’d like you to take a moment and read the short letter of 2 Timothy. The Apostle Paul is writing a young man who has followed him closely. It’s the last letter Paul would write before his death. This young man, Timothy, is struggle with walking in the faith. He is discouraged. Why did Tim choose to follow Paul? I think you’ll see the reason after reading the letter.


Now do you see why Tim chose to follow Paul? Who picks you up when you’re down? Who encourages you to have faith when times are difficult? Who reminds you to give glory to God when things are great? We need each other. That’s how God worked it out. You know someone whom you should follow. It’s very important that you make an effort to follow him/her. Who do you follow? Who will you follow? Intentionally follow someone today and experience the blessings of spiritual growth, community, trust, peace, and confidence.

Heavenly Father, thank You for placing “Paul-like” people in our lives that we can follow. Thank You for Your mercy and grace. I need You now. You are the only way. I love You, I love You, I love You. Give me the courage to follow the person You have put on my heart in this moment. I’ll contact them right now. Give me strength to be vulnerable. Please bless me through this. Here goes. Amen.


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