“The Fork in the Road and the Fork in the Turkey?”

We’ve all heard the phrases fork in the road and fork in the turkey (stick a fork in it cuz it’s done!). We use the “fork in the road” phrase to indicate that we, or whoever we’re talking about, is at a point of decision and it comes down to two simple, but not easy, choices. I say two choices because all decisions come down to the very next step you take and you can only take one step at a time. Try standing up. Yes, right where you are, go ahead and stand up. Now pretend you can only go to your right or to your left. Not a slight right or left, but to your far right and to your far left. Now, let me say this as you stand there about to physically try something; I am not responsible for broken legs, arms, fingers, ankles, or knees. I am not responsible for spilled coffee on your Mac or PC. I am not responsible for the humiliation you may incur while attempting the following exercise. But I will take responsibility for what you get out of this, spiritually and mentally. Now that I’ve said that we can continue. Look to your far right and far left. Now, without taking one simple step to the right or left, I want you to attempt to take two steps simultaneously to the far right or left. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Once you’re emotionally healed from humiliation by family members or co-workers or physically healed from breaking something, continue reading because it’s important.  🙂

There’s no way you effectively took two simultaneous steps to the far right or left and were able to keep firmly balanced. But if you take just one simple step to the far right or left, you are grounded and balanced although one foot left the ground. When we reach a fork in the road, the most important thing is not the right step, to the right or to the left, but to take a step. If you take the “wrong step,” you can recover because God is always with you. And God is big enough to correct your incorrectness…isn’t He? Dream big for the glory of God and take a step of faith, one at a time, for the glory of God and He will guide you. Look at your life. Look at your past failures. If you had not made those mistakes, you wouldn’t be where you are today. God uses those failures to guide you because He is the perfect Father. He is a loving Father and nothing you do can subtract one emotion He has toward you. Maybe you’re thinking, “but pastor Jamie, I made terrible mistakes and my life is still a living hell.” I understand that and I am sorry about your pain. And I can tell you from experience, that pain you’re feeling right now may or may not ever go away. But I can also tell you that this pain is for the glory of God. This pain will be your guardrail. This pain will direct you to your knees and into such a humble relationship with the Almighty Living God that you never, ever would have had if you had never made those mistakes. Pain can be a gift and I believe it is a gift of God that acts as a catalyst to draw you and I closer to Him, just like…get this…just like it did with Jesus. So take a step. Move forward in faith and with the intention of glorifying God with all of it.

Don't be this person.

It’s only when you and I decide not to take a step at all that we fall into the fork in the turkey category. “Stick a fork in me cuz I’m done!” A wise missionary gave me some advice once when I was uncertain about where I was supposed to be in life. Was it the military, was it college, was it work, was it…etc….etc. He told me, “Son, God can’t steer a boat that’s not moving.”

Listen to me. I want you to put the decision you’re facing right now right in front of you, this very moment. Think about it. Got it? I’ll wait. These words aren’t going anywhere. Got it? OK, good. Let’s pray.

“Father, thank You for hearing me and caring for me and loving me. Thank you for all that you’ve done in my past, what you’re doing in my life right now, and I thank You in advance for al that you’re going to do. I trust You and I want to glorify You with my life. I ask You to provide me with the strength, courage, and faith to make the right decision. I will begin moving and I trust You will begin guiding. Make clear to me the next step and give me wisdom that my decision will glorify You. I trust You. Thank You God. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Amen.”

Don’t be a turkey with a fork in your back walking around church, work, or wherever you go. It hurts and is unnecessary. Take the fork in the road, stick it in the ground, and make a decision. God is big. Remember that. God is very, very big.


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