Hey! Listen!

Are you listening to me!!!
Are you paying attention to what I'm saying?

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and at first they keep eye contact with you, but as the conversation moves along, they begin to cut their eyes away? I’m not talking about a brief looking away to dissolve the awkwardness of too much eye contact, but the looking away because something else has their attention. Something more interesting perhaps. Or maybe they’re like me and suffer from ADD. Regardless, they’re looking away. And you get that feeling as if they’re ready to end the conversation and move on because YOU ARE BORING! Maybe not….well…maybe. You have to consider that possibility. Instead of being on the receiving end of that rudeness, try and remember the last time you were the giver of that rudeness. Close your mouth, we’ve all done it-it’s no shock. We’re all guilty of doing it. We’ve done it to our spouse, our kids, our friends, our congregants, the drive-through employee at McDonald’s, and I did it in the bathroom at Powell’s a week or two ago. Granted, men keeping eye contact in the men’s restroom is VITAL, but this dude was just weird. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Weird dude, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that God loves you and I’m probably the weird one in your eyes, so it’s my problem. That said, I can move on to the point.

As we begin to either get tired of what the person is saying, don’t like the person is saying, or don’t care what the person is say, we start looking for something else to engage with or someone else to engage with. It’s rude and disrespectful. And we are guilty of it. The first glance away is quick and then we return to the right place of listening. Then we glance away again and for a longer period of time, but then come back to the right place of listening. After a couple of times doing this, we can’t recall really what the person was saying, we just know they were saying something we were uninterested in. And each time we looked away, our minds, eyes, and ears became more and more distant from what the person was trying to say; yet, we never grew further away in our physical proximity to one another. We are still standing right beside one another. How can we get so far away and never move away?

Do you do this with God? Are you hearing what He’s saying to you today? Or are you distracted by things and people in your life? What has your attention? If God doesn’t have your full attention, let me ask you this: how is that working for you? Are you happy? Do you have full assurance that when you close your eyes for the last time you’ll be held in love and told, “Well done good and faithful servant”? Can you sleep at night and rest in His arms knowing that no matter what’s going down in your world that it will be alright because He is the One who holds you and your world? Or do you worry? Do you live life in fear, but appears as confidence in all you are abilities to keep things in control? This control, by the way, is an illusion. God can use one event to get your full attention. Does He have it or does He need to get it?

Take the fingers out of your ears, open your eyes, tilt your head toward God, and today give Him your full attention. Close your office door, crawl inside of your closet, shut the bedroom door, go into the backyard, and get away from people and spend time ALONE with God. Yes, I said ALONE. No distractions, no iPhone/Blackberry, no laptop, no facebook, no blogs :)…..Shhhhh. Listen intently in the silence knowing you need to hear Him and wanting to hear Him.  Listen.

Make it a point to do this daily.
He wants to be with you today. Listen to Him.

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