The Lid

The Lid
The Lid

I’m in a Starbucks (imagine that) and I’m studying my Grande coffee cup. The lid is really striking as extra special right now. The lid is attached in such a way (very secure) that it’s practically one with the rest of the cup. It’s on the cup tight. According to the barista it serves several purposes.

1. It keeps the insides HOT. It contains the heat so your coffee stays hot longer.

2. It keeps the coffee from spilling all over you in case of an “oops.”

3. It provides a small sip hole for easy access to the delicious coffee you ordered.

The Holy Spirit is like the hot coffee that resides on the inside.

Jesus is like the lid, who only through access through the narrow hole, can you get to the Holy Spirit.

The Father is like the cup that holds it all together. They do not stand alone, but together are working in perfect harmony together.

When we choose to connect with Jesus (the lid, by our lips), we are giving the Holy Spirit (coffee) access to our inside. It is through Jesus alone that we receive the warm and intimate relationship with God through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said that He is THE way, THE truth, and THE life…not “A” way, but “THE” way. It is only through Jesus that we can come to the Father.

Are you seeking God some other way, or do you seek Him through fully surrendering your life to Jesus Christ. Believing in God simply isn’t enough. The devil believes in God doesn’t he??? Of course he does. Is he saved because of his belief??? No.

Fully surrender your life to Jesus today. If you’ve already done that, pray for someone who hasn’t.

PS-I know the Stbx analogy doesn’t encompass everything…it’s a loose example to get a difficult point across in a simple way.



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