A Boeing Perspective is Exciting

There are some things that give each of us that one brief
moment of true perspective. It’s the moment of scary realization
and awareness of our mortality. In other words, we realize our life
is fragile…very, very fragile. For some, this realization is
delivered through a personal tragedy. For others, it’s filing for
bankruptcy. And still for others, the moment of realization is
experienced at a funeral or even a court hearing. But for me,
today, the realization of my smallness has been delivered on a
silver platter shaped like a Boeing 747. It’s 10-degrees at the
Will Rogers World Airport and ice covers just about anything
exposed to the weather. Our family of seven boards the plane and we
take our seats. We pray together on the plane, as we customarily
do. And thoughts begin running through my mind. I wonder if the
plane went down, would I go sit with Spencer (who is at a window
seat by himself) or would I remain in my seat next to my wife? I
wonder who would be affected by the loss of our whole family. Life
would go on, but would the influence of Christ we personally had on
others go on? Was my life made impactful by the Holy Spirit in such
a way that those impacted were transformed into Christ-like
warriors who are relentless in their quest for leading others to
become fully devoted follows of Jesus Christ? Or did I lead them to
be religious? Did I lead them to a place of comfort in their
Christianity? Did I manage a country club with a steeple on the
roof? Did I lead them to only carry their Bibles in their hands?
This plane could go down between here and Denver or between Denver
and Portland. I may have to deal with our family going to Heaven
today, but I cannot deal with going to Heaven today knowing I could
be so much more to a dark community called Portland…and I wasn’t
and I haven’t. Today, God has blessed me with perspective.
“Heavenly Father, if it is Your will, ease give me another chance
to become all that you have called me to be. Thank You for
perspective. You are big and I am small. Thank You for removing the
mask I wear of importance and showing me to myself just as I really
am; nothing without You. Use me according to Your will. Give me the
strength, courage, and tenacity to lead according to Your will and
purpose and for Your glory and honor and praise. May You be
glorified in it all, whether life or death. Thank You Jesus. Amen.”
From my iPhone 4 Jamie Worley Lead Pastor LifeChurch.tv:pORtland

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