“Don’t Go Back”

Sirens blared loudly, piercing my ears!  The high and low pitch siren raised my heart rate from its restful pace late in the night.  I began to panic.  Pushing buttons frantically, I couldn’t seem to think fast enough or straight enough to get my bearings.  I kept pushing the wrong buttons.  Everyone was going to wake-up and know what I had done.  I didn’t mean to.  I just wanted to go in and look to see if I still had….it wasn’t that big of a deal.  But now I’ve made it a huge deal.  “The police will be here soon” I dreaded in thought.  “How will I explain this?  Stupid!” I pummeled  myself.  I ran down the stairs and headed for the front door.  I thought about just running out and hiding, but that wouldn’t help at this point.  I had to stop the alarm before everyone awoke from their sleep and bolted for me.  “The alarm won’t quit!” I panicked.  Then a rather tall and large man exited the shadows of the living room and there he stood.  Like a grizzly bear that had just been awakened from his hibernation, starving of course.  It was…it was…it was my dad.   My fear ceased and I knew the ordeal was over.  He punched-in the correct security code and then received the phone call from the security company.  Everyone was awakened by the incident, but everyone was fine.

You see, we were spending the night at my parents’ house in Oklahoma City.  I was in my old bedroom looking for my old sports trophies.  I was going to show them to the kids the next day.  In order to get to them, I had to enter the attic from my 2nd story bedroom.  Apparently is was alarmed.

I wanted to relive, to some degree, the “old days.”  A door to my life that had already been shut was now being entered into.  Now there’s nothing wrong with “memory lane,” but sometimes the past is best left behind.  Sometimes revisiting and reliving the past isn’t such a good idea.  It’s always to pray about these things before you decide to do so.  This isn’t about setting off an alarm to an attic.  This is about going back to what you’re comfortable with instead of living in what God has gifted you with today.  Do you find yourself looking back to the “old days” when things get difficult?  Do you wish it was the way it used to be?  It may seem harmless to reminisce, but I don’t believe God wants us to do this.  I believe God wants us to remember the past and learn from it, but I don’t think He wants us to live in it.  I don’t believe God wants us to mentally and emotionally invest in living in a place that no longer exists.  When we do this, we are seeking to escape the present.  And I believe God wants us to cherish and fully experience the present.  God knows the past and He knows the future, but He is working now in the present.  We can miss Him if we aren’t in the present.

When you’re tempted to live in the past, don’t open the door.  The alarm will sound and you will panic and get confused; unable to operate well.  Thank God for the gift of your past, commit to gifting God your future, and trust Him in the present.


One thought on ““Don’t Go Back”

  1. Thanks for your recent blog post Pastor Jamie. If you could/would expand on this topic by explaining how a person can stop living in the past (or at the very least stop reliving it one’s mind), then it would help myself and others in my life that cross my path (young, middle-aged, and old). Examples are people who are deliberately stuck in the past, people who are tormented by the past, and people who don’t want to have anything to do with the past. In my humble opinion all three groups need help. Thanks for any wisdom and knowledge you choose to share.


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