Coffee Lids

I love coffee.  What a way for a pastor to start off a blog.  Maybe you would expect me to begin by saying “I love Jesus!”  I’m assuming that you would assume that statement is true by the mere fact that I have dedicated my life to shepherding others; however, I am completely aware that just because a person is a shepherd does not at all mean he/she loves Jesus Christ.  Well, I do.  That now being clarified I can say with better conscience, “I love coffee.”  So what does that have to do with this particular blog?  Nothing.  But speaking of coffee, there are four places where I will drink coffee (no particular order).  1) Starbucks, 2) McDonald’s, 3) Shari’s, and 4) Café’ Delirium.

Well this particular day I have chosen McDonald’s.  When I got my coffee I asked for three creams and two Splendas on the side so I could fix it myself.  I took the lid off, fixed it “my way,” and put the lid on my cup.  Right after I put the lid on I noticed something that I never really paid attention to or noticed before.  After the lid is on, you have to pull back the tab in order to make a drink hole so you can drink the coffee.

How technical.

Shari’s serves coffee in a ceramic mug so there’s no lid needed.  Starbucks and Café’ Delirium lids already have a hole in the lids.  Just an observation.  But it brought to my attention the lifestyle of many Christians today.

How?  I’ll tell you.  As fully devoted followers of Christ, we receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit when we repent of our sins and surrender our lives to Christ.  Like the coffee cup we have everything that we need inside (the Holy Spirit).  In fact, our true intended purpose in life can now be fulfilled and we have all that we need on the inside in order to fulfill it.  The coffee cup was specifically designed to contain a liquid.  Not just any liquid.  Not water, hot chocolate, beer, or pop.  It was specifically designed by the creator to contain coffee.  And not just coffee, but hot coffee.  Not cold coffee.  The Styrofoam-like cup was designed to keep the insides hot.  As we are active in living our lives for Jesus, the Holy Spirit leads us strongly and we hear His voice…He is hot when we are living in dependence upon Him.

But the coffee cup has a lid.  Now this is where the rubber meets the road.  Remember when I said the lid brings my attention to the lifestyle of many Christians today.  With the McDonald’s lid, you have to peel back the tab to create an opening so you can drink the coffee.  Without the popping of this lid, the cup and the contents are pretty much useless.  You could use it for a paper weight I suppose, but before long the cup deteriorates and leaks everywhere.  Have you ever known a follower of Christ who was truly saved, but were useless in ministry?  Now I don’t mean useless in the sense of their personal worth or even in the sense of not working inside a church.  I mean useless in there is little to no evidence of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in their life.  This is something that breaks my heart because I used to be that coffee cup, filled to the rim, with the lid with no opening.  I was the believer who had the Holy Spirit, yet Sunday after Sunday I just sat there.  I left the service every Sunday unaffected, unchanged, and the worst of all I spent the other six days for myself and changed no one else’s life.

If you’re reading this and you are that believer who just clocks-in and clocks-out each Sunday and lives for yourself the other six days, I want you to know something.  That emptiness and void you experience every night lying in bed will not go away.  More money won’t help it.  A promotion won’t help it.  A deeper portfolio won’t help it.  Another spouse won’t help it.  Another drink won’t help it.  You were meant for a specific purpose in life.  You were created and designed to contain the Holy Spirit.  And that’s not your problem.  You have the Holy Spirit.  Your problem is that you haven’t pulled the tab back on your lid.  The Holy Spirit is living inside of you hotter than you can imagine, but no one around you can get blessed and you can’t fulfill your purpose because the lid is closed.  When you pull the tab back and let the Spirit flow out from your life, you will finally be truly living out the purpose God has had for you all along.  Pull it back today.

Heavenly Father, pull my tab back today.  I’m tired of feeling empty when I’m supposed to know you.  Pull my tab back today.  I want to live for you fully today.  Pour me out for Your glory.  Amen.

Oh, and don’t worry about getting low on coffee.  God gives refills.


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