Take A Moment…

Have you ever had one of those moments? The moments where you realize how blessed you are to have the spouse you have. That moment usually is followed by a personal sense of failure in doing enough or being enough for him/her. I had one of those moments two days ago and I’m still feeling it today. I accidentally threw my iPhone 32-gig 3gs and it shattered. I won’t explain “accidentally” at this time; I was playing around stupidly. Anyway, it shattered. That is a very expensive mistake for us. She went out and bought me an iPhone4. She never buys things for herself and come to think of it…I don’t buy things for her either. She is the most giving and sacrificing person I have ever had the awesome pleasure to know. And I’m pretty sure I’ve never even been acquainted with someone like her. You only hear of people like her. Well, for some reason God decided to bless me with her presence each morning we wake up together, talk over coffee, go to bed together, raise kids together. It is heaven on earth. And I need to not just do more for this woman of God, but I need to be more to her. One thing is for certain though, I will never be enough compared to what she’s worth. Take a moment today and cherish the people in your life and thank God for them. Ask God to help you do more and be more for them.


One thought on “Take A Moment…

  1. I know what you mean about one’s spouse. My wife Kim is someone that I cherish dearly, and sometimes I realize that I don’t cherish her enough, or what gift from God she is.

    We both just came back from a FamilyLife “Weekend to Remember” couples workshop, and it was amazing. It really helped me appreciate the wonderful woman I have in my life!


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