Who’s the Boss?

Who's your boss?

Just before I graduated high school our teachers challenged us with a question, no doubt hoping to spark some sense of direction for our futures.  The question was, and you’ve heard this before I’m sure, “If money were not an issue, how would you spend the rest of your life?”  What would you do?  I want you to really think about it.  Stop reading and close your eyes for a moment and imagine your life apart from the influence of money.  OK, no really, stop reading and do this because it will be worth your while.


I’ve heard many answers to this question.  I meet with several people each week that I am training for effective leadership and this week I asked them this question.  I also asked students with whom I attend seminary.  The scope of answers I received from Godly men & women were confusing to me.  Moreover, it saddened me.  Most of the answers were “to play golf every day,” “to buy all the shoes I wanted,” “to buy a music studio and play a guitar all day with friends,” “to buy a coffee shop,” and other similar responses.  My senior pastor, Craig Groeschel, in his book CHAZOWN asks this very serious question (not a direct quote);

“Do you really think that God so loved you that He gave His own Son to be tortured and crucified and rose Him from the grave so that you could ________________(your answer)__?

Is this what God had in mind when He created you?  Is this the passion that God has put in your heart?  Is this what you will live to do for the sake of the Kingdom?  Who’s kingdom are you building today?

Today I want to challenge you to examine your life.  Not your home life or work life or church life.  Life is life.  Examine your life and ask yourself, “If I died today, would all of my work reflect God’s will for my life?  Would I be satisfied looking Jesus eye-to-eye as I present my life’s work to Him?  Would I be able to tell Him that it was all for Him?”

The answers to these questions will tell answer the question, “Who’s the boss?”  Who is your boss?  If your answer to the three questions is “no,” I want to encourage and challenge you to ask yourself why?  Pray about it.  Tell God how you truly feel and ask Him for strength and direction. Remember, everyone ends up somewhere, but not everyone ends up somewhere on purpose. What is your purpose in life?  What is God’s vision for your life?  What has He called you to do?  And are you willing to go “all in” for the sake of His Kingdom?

If you’d like help discovering what God’s vision for your life is, I want to invite you to a six-week small group seminar.  Click this link for more information:




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