“Welcome Home!”

"Welcome home Smith family, Welcome home."

Do you ever watch the show “Extreme Home Makeover”?  I love that show.  I don’t think Jo & I have ever watched an episode and not cried our eyes out.  We just hurt for people who are hurting so easily.  I think that’s a gift from God.  But anyway.  I love the part at the very end of the show where Ty looks at the family (let’s say the Smiths) and says, “Well, I guess there’s just one last thing to say…Welcome home Smith family…welcome home.”

The whole process from beginning to end is just amazing.  You’re taken on an emotional roller-coaster.  At first you see the family, or what’s left of the family after a tragedy, broken-hearted and in a broken home.  Everything seems to be aging rapidly; their home, their hearts, their hope…everything.  But you find one strong element in each one of those families…love.  These families are suffering in every way and then…Ty and the gang show-up.  He takes out his megaphone and they sneak-up to the front yard and he shouts, “Hello0000 Smith family!  Come on out here!”  And what happens next, you’ve seen it, is awesome.  The entire family sprints out of the front door and they embrace Ty & the team because they know that the battle for hope is finally over.  They may still hurt on the inside from the tragedy, but their environment has been not only restored, but amazingly restored.  They’re getting the home they’ve always needed; where everything in the home is perfectly made specifically for them…perfect.

Jesus Christ is at this very moment preparing a place for you.  Unlike Ty & the gang, Jesus began building the perfect dream dwelling for you long before you were born.  Those hurting families wouldn’t appreciate the newly built home as much if they had not experienced the tragedy and pain of life beforehand.  And that’s what makes receiving their new home the sweetest experience of their lives.  But with Jesus, it’s a little difference.  Ty & the gang do an incredible job, but the difference is this; when this painful life is over and you’ve dealt with the sin and pain of life and it’s your time to be sent away from the old and into the new, in Heaven awaits the perfect dwelling place for you in the perfect place…and Jesus Christ and all of those Saints who have gone before you and all the angels of Heaven will be gathered around your new place, cheering you on saying, “Move that cloud!  Move that cloud!”  When that cloud moves and you enter Heaven,…what a reunion it will be.  As touching as the video below is, how much more the reunion you’ll experience in Heaven as your family, friends, angels, and Saints of old run to you and embrace you at the finish line and say, “Welcome home (your name), welcome home.”


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