Potty Training

Potty Training
How much would you pay for these?

How much?  How much would you give me for these pots?  Whatever you want to call it, how much would you pay, today, for these pots?  To answer that question you have to ask yourself several other questions like…”would you buy it at all?  What are they worth?  Who made it?  Where did they come from?  What’s so special about them?”  Those are all valid questions.  All you know is that someone, somewhere, obviously, made the pots, apparently out of clay or some sort of pottery materials.  Here’s another little piece of information as you decide whether or not you’d pay anything at all for these pots: every pot on earth looks just like these.  Every single one has their different intricacies, but overall they all look like this.  They are all made of the same material.  So now, how much would you pay?  They are a dime-a-dozen, so to speak.

You probably are thinking to yourself, “These pots are a dime-a-dozen, they’re all made of the same material, and honestly-they don’t look like much.  They don’t seem to be worth really much at all.  In fact, I don’t see how they would be worth more than a couple of dollars at most, but I wouldn’t even buy one at a garage sale.”  If I saw one of these at a garage sale, I wouldn’t even consider it.  I wouldn’t even notice them.

You and I and every other human being on this earth were created by the Maker of all you see and all you don’t see.  We were made so wonderfully and magnificently and get this…we were originally made from dust.  That’s right…dust.  God has made every one of us.  Our worth and value, unlike the pots above, should not be measured by our seemingly usefulness, appearance, talents, or on how popular or rare we think they are.  Each pot is unique, but they are all made from the same clay.  And every one is imperfect.  Not one is better than the other.  We must not think more highly of ourselves than we actually are.  So what are you and I worth?  People, you and I, are a dime-a-dozen; there are around 6-billion of us on the planet; so what makes one person more valuable than another?  That’s like saying one of those pots in the above picture is better and worth more than the one next to it.  This makes no sense practically and it makes no sense spiritually.

Now what if I told you that God Himself lived inside of the pot on the left?  What would you be willing to give for that pot?  As believers we must not discriminate and believe we are somehow more valuable to God than those who do not know Him.  If you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are the pot on the left.  And make sure you not only know this and consciously rest in that peace and grace each and every day, but notice what the pot on the left is doing.  It is leaning on the other pot, like its loving on it.  Love one another and value each other as God does.

Greater love has no one than he that lays his life down for his friends.


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