LOST kept us guessing.

Well, I just finished watching the final season of the television show “LOST.”  The show has lived up to its name for six years now as it has always…every single episode, rendered its viewers literally lost.  Throughout the entire six year span, people all over the world watched week-in and week-out.  Some episodes we walked away feeling like we knew what was going on…but then we discovered we didn’t know anything at all.  What we thought was going on wasn’t at all what was going on.  Now if you’re reading this and you’ve never seen the show before, you can still benefit from this blog post.  For six years we tried desperately, as we were hanging on a thread, to figure out what was going on with this island and who these people on the island were.  And throughout the six year stretch, we discovered bits and pieces of what the island was about and who these people really were.  There strengths, weaknesses, worries, fears, hopes, and dreams.  But we only discovered, just as they did, bits and pieces about them.  It is only as we look back after watching the final episode that we’re able to put the pieces together and see the “big picture” of the island and their lives.  Our understanding is now complete.  We may not be completely satisfied with their lives, but they are what they are; nothing more, nothing less.  The end has come and the test is over.  Now we give a report card of their lives.

Our lives are the same way.  We can spend our entire lives searching and discovering bit-by-bit who we are and what to make of this world.  Over the last six years of LOST it was a useless task trying so hard to figure the island and the people out.  We can put so much energy into trying to make sense of this world we live in, our own island, that we miss what we were meant to see.  We can put so much energy into trying to figure out who we are, finding our purpose in life, that we miss the opportunity of simply accepting ourselves for just who we are in the moment and savoring the gift of life God has given us.  We can spend a lifetime…lost, always searching for more.  More meaning, more purpose, more of ourselves.  The search is so common in our world that most people, especially Christians, remain lost because they don’t understand “who they are in Christ.”  Knowing who you are in Christ is the only way to prevent being lost.

Stop trying to figure out your life; where you belong, what this world is about, and who you are.  I know that sounds unreasonable and against the grain, but everything God calls you to think, believe, and do is outside the bounds of what the world teaches and requires.  There is a better way.  Leave lost behind and intentionally travel into the area of found.  Even believers can be lost in this sense.  Choose to be found by simply trusting in God fully to meet all of your needs and savor the gift of life He has given you today.  Lost is a decision that you make each and every day.  It’s not a one time decision.  You make a decision every day; the same decision you made when you decided to follow Jesus Christ.  You chose to fully surrender your life, every bit of it, nothing left behind; you chose to surrender it to Jesus Christ.  Remember when you wake-up, when you wonder if your life matters, when you wonder why you’re here-in existence, when you look in the mirror, when you see a homeless person, when you see a hurting child, when you see tragedy, when you see a new born baby in a mother’s arms, when you lie down, and when you rise…remember your decision to fully surrender all you are to Jesus.  You don’t have to be lost.  Fully savor the gift of life God has blessed you with and live in faith and in surrender for today.

Heavenly Father, remind us each morning as we rise of your blessed gift of life and strengthen us and give us the power to be willing to move forward in full faith and surrender.  Teach us that we don’t have to be lost, but are indeed found.  Thank You Father, thank You, thank You, thank You that we can trust You.  No doubts, no worries, no fear, no doubt-I am in Your hand.  Thank You Father.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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