A Gift Given to Yourself

Greedy Smurf
Greedy Smurf

We can’t get enough can we?  The drama, the sadness, the pain, the humor; we just can’t get enough.  Every emotion we have is a gift from God; sadness, joy, elation, and even anger.  Emotions in and of themselves are not wrong or sinful.  But they are gifts from God that allow us to fully experience the joys and sorrows of this life.  Emotions are our God-given responses to life’s experiences yet…we give these gifts away to no one for hours each and every day.  We choose to give the gift of our emotions away to unreal and fictional stimuli.  Is this what God intended us to do?  Did God intend us to give such gifts to false experiences?  Is this what God intended?  I would like you to answer this question before reading on.  Is this what God intended?  Yes or no?

Entertainment.  Television, porn, movies…all of it triggers our God-given gift of emotions.  Now before you start thinking I’m anti-entertainment, let me stop you and ask you to please take a moment and re-center your way of thinking.  Not the type of thinking that is “normal” worldly thinking in which one may find change to be abnormal, but the type of thinking that is Christ-relational-centered.  All we have is because He gave it to us…gifts…to experience and to use…for the sake of others.  There is no gift you have been given by God that you are intended to keep or to keep to yourself.  With these gifts in mind, given by God for the purpose of others, how then shall we use these gifts?  Should we freely give hours per day of our emotions (gifts) to an empty space for the sake of experiencing them like an addict experiences a “rush?”  All I’m asking is, “Is it right to give our God-given gift of emotion to an empty space?”  And secondly, “Is it what God would want us to do with this gift?”  Not what you want.  Not what you want.  Not what you want.  What God wants.  What God wants.  What God wants.  Stay out of the thinking of “what you want” and keep centered on “what God wants.”

In fact, when the God-given gifts of emotion have been given away each night, what’s left for your wife, your family, your children, your friends,…your enemies, your neighbors, in which you are commanded to love?  Everyone knows that a person can only give so much emotion during a day before they are depleted.  It happened to me when I was a cop and it happens to me in ministry.  It’s a fact.  I’m not saying entertainment is bad, what I’m saying is that emotion is a God-given gift that is being freely and negligibly given away to ourselves for the sake of experience and entertainment.  Giving yourself this gift is robbery if it is indeed meant to be given for the sake of compassion, empathy, and love for others.  I am guilty of this.

What prompted this blog?  The Holy Spirit convicting me after watching tonight’s season-ending episode of Grey’s Anatomy.”  During the show, I was so enthralled with the story-line…the fiction story-line, that I firmly told my 3-year old and 12-year old to go to bed because I didn’t want them seeing this.  Grey’s Anatomy and my selfish expenditure of emotions for the sake of a selfish experience prompted me to put my children…my very own children in the backseat of a fiction television show.  The Holy Spirit grieved my heart so deeply that it drove me to release my selfish and self-centered grip on the show and explore what God wanted to say to me.  God quickened my heart with a simple statement.  “My gift to you is wasted.”

With a tear in my eye and my computer on my lap, I challenge you, I challenge myself, “what are you doing with God’s gift of emotion?  Why?”


One thought on “A Gift Given to Yourself

  1. Great Blog: After reading your blog, I can see where, almost everyday, I have opportunities to waste the gifts that God has given. This is a wake up call to us all to stay alert for opportunities to use God’s gifts as He intends for us to. Thanks !


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