“What Will It Mean When You Expire?”

How do we live?  I mean, how is it we live, not knowing when our time on earth will be over?  I know that seems to be a “common fact,” that we’ll all die at some point, but do you really think about it?  What you’ll leave behind, who you’ll leave behind, and how their lives will be affected?  Do you really think about those things or do you blow them off as passing thoughts you intend to address later?  Realize this today, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are or aren’t, it doesn’t matter what race you are, and it doesn’t matter how old you are…you are temporary.  Today you’re here and tomorrow you may be gone.  Temporary.  You may be eternal in the spiritual sense, but on this earth…temporary.

You don't know when this is coming.

Someone once said, “We all have a death sentence, live like it.”  And someone else said, “live like you were dying.”  And still another person said, “live today in light of tomorrow.”  In principle, these folks hit the nail right on the head, but my question is this, “how then do we live?”  These are the right principles, but how does that play out in my daily life?  What does that look like each and every day that I live and function as a husband, daddy, and pastor?

In order to answer any question, especially one like this, we must look to the Scriptures and study the perfect example given; Jesus Christ.  How did Jesus live?  From what we know through Scripture, Jesus spent the majority, if not almost all, of His time with others.  Jesus surrounded Himself with the spiritually and physically sick and explained that it was the sick who needs a doctor and not the healthy.  He spent time with the poor, prostitutes, the destitute, the lame, the sick, the lepers, the mute, the socially unacceptable, and the banished.  Jesus had compassion on all, but spent most of His time with the people our society today would call yucky, druggies, addicts, divorcees, dirty, and no good.

When was the last time you hugged a prostitute or drug addict?  When was the last time you gave food to someone in need (a single mom, a homeless person)?  When was the last time you ignored the stink of the street and alcohol on someone’s clothes, looked them in the eye, and showed (not just told them) them the love of Jesus?

Your feet used to look like this.

What will we answer for once we expire?  What are we living for today?  Our time is short and we must, must, must live with active and intentional compassion for society’s less-thans.  My challenge to you today…stop living a comfortable Christian life and love the people no one else will love with intentionality.  Don’t just stand there and expire, live there and inspire!

Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of life you’ve given me.  Soon it will be gone and I will be with You.  While I’m here, Lord, give me the courage and compassion to reach out and touch the lives of others for Your Kingdom and for Your glory and for their hope in You.  Use me today Lord, I need Your help.  Amen.


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