Blindsight 20/20


So how is it two people can look at the same thing and see two different things.  One person gets a flat tire and says, “Son of a %#$@*!” and another person calmly says, “Oh man…well, I’d better get started.”  I’m confused, the same thing happened to two different people, but each saw something different.  One man is in a 7-11 as it’s being robbed.  He does just as the robber instructs him to do and is called a “coward” for not trying to stop the guy.  Another man is in the same situation and wrestles the robber to the ground and saves the day.  Yet he is called a hero.  However, if the guy gets killed in his attempt to stop the crime, he’s an idiot for not doing what the robber told him to do.  How is it that one person can see a woman grab her boss a cup of coffee without being asked and say she is “kissing up” to her boss, yet another can see it as an “act of kindness”?

And how is it that some people can look at Powell Valley Covenant Church, a traditional looking church with a small and “older generational” congregation, and see it as a dying church that will render itself ineffective in less than 10-years; when a select few (including myself) see a thriving, hungry, and powerful church in its infancy that is in the community of Gresham…and is developing into a place for the hurting and lost and a place for Believers to develop and mature in their spiritual walk.  How is it that two groups of people looking at the same thing can see something so different…polar opposites?  Both groups here have vision.  One has a vision they would call “reality” and not negative, but that this is just the way it is and the results are pretty much inevitable.  They say, “that church has had too many problems and is beyond recovery and their members are old and whey they’ve died off within the next ten years, it will close and sell to a new church.”

Our team has a vision too.  What others are really saying in their vision lacks hope.  I am all about reality and let me tell you why.  Reality is not what’s real in my eyes, but is what is alive in my spirit in accordance with Scripture.  And the Holy Spirit tells me that with God all things are possible.  Scripture tells me that a people without a vision will perish.  Scripture tells me that we are each placed where we are for a season; just as God created us to do good works that He prepared beforehand (Ephesians 2).

So how do you see your life?  How do you see your struggles (James 1:2-4)?  How do you see your spouse?  How do you see your job?  How do you see your kids?  How do you see your purpose?

How do you see yourself, spiritually?

Do you see it through the eyes of “reality”?  Or do you see it through the eyes of God, who took a person like you and me.  We were like the church everyone looked at and said, “you’re done…there’s no hope for someone like you…you’ll be irrelevant in less than 2-years…you’re too old…you’re too young…you’ve done too many things…you’ve been too bad…you’ll never amount to anything…you’re a waste of time & space.”

And against all odds, God reached down and grabbed you out of the mud and mire and the hopeless pit and pathetic life you led and made you something you could never, ever dream you could be…regardless of what others thought of you.  How do you see yourself?  Answer me!  How do you see yourself?  Your hope cannot be in your circumstances, your salary, or even the people you love.  It must be in the One who rescued you.  You must draw close to God in order to see yourself clearly.  You must know what He says about you.  He’s the only One with a crystal clear picture of who you really are and who you are meant to be.  If you see God clearly, you will see yourself as you were meant to be and not what you think you currently are.  It’s only when you see yourself clearly that you can walk powerfully and peacefully in Him.

Heavenly Father, help me to see myself through your eyes.  And help me to walk in my identity in You.  Help me to see myself clearly, but more importantly, help me to see you clearly enough to walk in Your power and Your peace in every circumstance and in every moment of my day.  Amen.


One thought on “Blindsight 20/20

  1. Thanks again for sharing truth. In my humble opinion it is not just people with different views it is spiritual warfare. Satan would have us believe that we aren’t good enough. We aren’t cool enough or we don’t have the right building. He gets us to fret about empty pews. He tells us lies like this country church is good enough in Gods eyes but it isn’t good enough in the “real world” where people are trying to win the race of importance. (Psalms 73 )
    Satan whispered that message to me personaly just this week! But through reading Gods word every day – I am building up a great defense against satan’s lies. He wants nothing more than for me to live a life of hopeless depression filled with anxiety – but God tells me in the Bible that I am worthy because I am His child.( Psalms 40 )
    He is my provision and this world is not my home, it is only temporary.
    The building at 1335 SE 282nd that we have been blessed with is a gift. We must use it the best way we can to Honor and worship God, Ro sing raises to Him . It it meant to share Christ love with others who are lost and hurting. What ever this looks like…. If God tells us we need to paint it pink and turn it into a theater or if He tells us to sell it and move on to where He wants us to go what does it matter? It is His and MUST be used for His purposes.
    The things and buildings of this world are insignificant, what is significant is learning about God and being obedient to Him. Learning to build relationships with people and loving other people is way more important than getting stuff or filling pews with people that agree with us.
    How can you be obedient if you don’t read God word everyday- If you don’t spend time in prayer how can God speak to you? In this culture many people don’t read books and less people are praying. Most are hooked to media of some sort. Feed people with what they are consuming- Media.
    Jesus fed people what they were consuming but He made it better. In today’s culture, makes since. It is a tool and vessel that God uses to change lives with.
    Lets go out of the empty church, build relationships with people and love them by altering the media messages they are feeding on. Bring them to church at /PVCC or to church on their computer. Then after that…. go out and find more people to love.


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