An Evans, Georgia Peeps Blog Post

I was just on Facebook checking out all my old Georgia peeps from old.  I have so many memories of my life that were made right there in Evans, Georgia.  It’s amazing when you look back and your remember people you thought you had forgotten.  There’s no good reason for this post, but just thinking through the keys.  I remember my best friends Michael Clark (PeeWee) and Brad & Jeff Senter and Tommy Akin, Molly Padgett, Nymarko Adams, Robert Pollard, Steven Farmer, Tracy Maddox, Becky Wortham, Jeremiah & Nathaniel Riggio, Patrick Pridemore, Tina & Lisa Lilly, Lorenz Quinn, James Lombardo.  I could go on and on.  There’s a ton more, but I don’t think you want…in fact, I know you don’t want pages of names.

I remember playing soccer, and baseball with you.  I remember playing in the band with you.  I remember “rockin’ out” to 80’s hair metal with you.  I remember crushin’ on you.  I remember beating you up.  I remember summers with you.  I remember ballin’ with you at the church gym.  I remember going to dances with you.  I remember so much about you.  You all in Evans were such a huge part of my life and you are still a huge part of my life.  I had so many firsts there.

I had my first official girlfriend there (Jennifer Luckey & Marie Attaway).  I had my first kiss there (Barb Dorrough).  I had my first date with a cheerleader (Mary Blanchard).  I had my first car wreck there (wrecked my dad’s Cadillac).  I hit my first homerun there (Columbia County Rec. Field), I first learned about Jesus Christ there (Pastor Lehn and Mark Harmon @ West Acres), I put my first whoopie cushion under a pastor’s chair there (Pastor Robert Lehn), I got in my first fight there (Jamie Farr…it doesn’t matter who won…I WON).  I laid on the lakeshore with my friend and talked about falling in love and hopes of one day marrying someone and having kids for the first time (with Brad Senter).  This was the first time I really deeply connected with a male friend in a very cool way.  Thanks Brad.  I headbanged for the first time (Molly Padgett) to Motley Crue & Bon Jovi.  I wore my first black “Member’s Only” jacket.  I tried marijuana for the first time, and haven’t since!  I almost puked. (Michael Clark!)  I egged my first house (Michael Clark).  I was in my first band there (Alex Hand, Lorenz Quinn, Brad Cheek). I killed my first deer there (Michael Clark).  I threw my first spitball there (at Mr….tall physical science teacher with a monotone….EMS…?).  I beat-up my first kid there (Danny Brewer). Spot-lighted deer for the first time there (Eric Clark and Tommy Akins).

Lots of firsts in Evans.  And this blog is nothing more than a shout out to my peeps from Evans Middle/High School in Evans, Georgia.  God has been so good to me and to you.  He’s saved our rear-ends from who-knows-what and I thank Him daily that He didn’t answer 99% of the prayers I prayed.  I miss you Evans Peeps.  I’ll try to get back there toward the end of summer/fall this year.  Hope we can get together.

Jamie Worley


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