The Blur of Logical Focus

Do you know what has always seemed insane to me? People who seemingly waste their lives. And people do it in many different ways. Some will spend hours playing video games. I heard a guy on the radio a couple of days ago brag that he had spent over 1,900 hours of his life watching the first three Star Wars movies from the 70’s & 80’s. Some people waste it by doing drugs. Some people waste it by watching television most of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve wasted a lot of time myself on things throughout my life. But the older I get, the more I realize what it means to live a productive life. The beginning of this realization was changing the source of my perceptions. Let me explain.

You see, before I looked at life through a logical perspective. That sounds OK, right? Logic is OK. It’s natural to see things logically. Two plus two is four. That’s logic! It makes sense! No argument there. If I work long hours and work very hard, I will make a decent living and productive living, I will support my family well, they will get all they need, and we will be happy. Right? It sounds logical, but is it really. What guarantees that happiness will come from those things? Because there’s a question or a chance that none of those things will produce what we logically think they will produce, it now becomes a risk. All of the work and effort and passion you put into something may amount to absolutely nothing in comparison with your “logical” expectations. Agreed? For example, you could provide incredible finances for your family, yet the happiness you expected them to have because of it is absent. It happens; look at the divorces of financially substantial people. What would seem like a logical formula for happiness becomes nothing more than a man or woman striving for what they may or may not possess or achieve. Let me be clear about something: there’s nothing wrong with working very hard for your family or yourself. The problem comes with one’s expectations and motivations for that hard work. The wrong motivations can cancel out all the effort and work you invest and you may never get the results you were passionately seeking.

When your motivation is on serving and glorifying God with all your efforts. Giving God your very best in all that you do will result in blessing. What are you seeking first each and every day? Are you seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness? Or are you seeking another huge paycheck. Why do you do what you do? If Christ is not the center and focal point of your work, your eyes are fixed on another target and that target, no matter how logical it seems, will lead you off the path of righteousness and onto the path of subtle idolatry.

When Peter got out of the boat in Matthew 14:22-33, he walked on water because his focus was on Christ. Peter did something illogical. Walking on water is not logical! But when he took his eyes off Jesus Christ and diverted his focus to the waves and the storm (which for you could be your work), he sank. What are you focused on today? Are you sinking? Are you slowly wearing down? Are you frustrated? It’s time to re-focus your daily life; at work, at school, at home, in your marriage, in your relationship with your children, in your relationship with your friends. Who is the focus? Why do you do what you do? Is it for the glory of Jesus Christ or is it for your glory or your wealth or your self-confidence? Jesus Christ is the source of all things and for all things. You have been created by God to do good works that He has already prepared in advance for you to do (Ephesians 2:10). Are you doing them or are you doing something else.

Today I encourage you to get alone; away from the family, away from your co-workers, away from the cell phone, away from the computer, and take some time to simply re-focus from the natural logic and focus on the supernatural and, according to the world, illogical and ridiculous Jesus Christ. Dedicate all you think and all you do to the glory of Jesus Christ. Cast your cares upon Jesus for He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7) and live in the freedom you were meant to live (Galatians 5:1).


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