It’s a…..

The “mystery” is unveiled!  Over a year ago, my wife and I were desperately praying for a child.  Because of her age and mine, the odds of conception were beginning to statistically slim down.  However, we prayed fervently and acknowledged before God that He was the only One who could make it happen.  Our prayer was most importantly for His will.  If having a baby was not His will, we didn’t want to have one either.  But now Jo’s pregnant and today we had an ultrasound done to find out whether the baby is a boy or girl.  We really didn’t care either way, we were just so happy that God decided to bless us with another child.  And so the nurse put the gel on the wand and began to move it around, getting several great views of our baby.

The baby, at one point, seemed to be clapping its hands and then stretched its arms above its head and stretched its legs completely out, pointing its toes.  That was hilarious.  The baby was very, very active; constantly moving around.  At this point, the nurse still hasn’t told us the sex of the baby.

Watching the baby on the screen did something inside my heart and soul that I have never quite experienced before.  I remember seeing my son, Spencer, on the ultrasound and I felt something wonderfully deep, but I was much younger and spiritually immature.  I didn’t take it for granted, but…I don’t know, it was just different.  Now I’m at a different point in my life.  My heart was infatuated with the baby.  I felt just as connected to the baby as I did my other four kids.  It was wierd and awesome at the same time…breathtaking.  I held Jo’s hand and we both began to cry pretty hard.  We were flooded with emotions of hope, love, anxiety (the good kind), wonder, excitement,….there are simply no words to express receiving this kind of blessing from the Lord.

Below is a picture of our baby.

By the way, it’s a BOY!!!


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