Coffee with Jesus

Good morning.  You’ll never believe what I did this morning.  Well,…actually, if you know me well at all you will believe it and probably shake your head and roll your eyes.  I woke-up this morning at 6:30am, got dressed and shot out of the house, and made my way to Starbucks for my Grande coffee with cream & 2-Splendas.  I got to seminary at about 7:30am, listened to Focus on the Family for about fifteen minutes and then made my way into the building where I have class.  I went in, sat down, unpacked everything in my bag, eager to learn more about pre-marital & marital counseling from Carlie Wecks.  Students began to file-in and sit (I sit in the front row of every class, so I didn’t see the students taking their seats, just heard them).  I thought I’d say hi to some of the folks and I turned around and everyone had their Greek Bibles open and were frantically & silently studying.  Greek?  Wait!

“What class is this?”, I asked.

“Greek”, a girl answered.

“Oh man!  I must be in the wrong classroom.  I’m supposed to be in Pre-Marital/Marital Counseling class.”

She said, “Uhmmm…Jamie…that’s not until 11am.  It’s only 8am.”

I felt like such a fool…and…rightfully so I may say.  I’m still stuck in last semester when my classes started at 8am.  Now in my defense (it’s the only defense I have), today is trash day, so I had to take the trash out by 8:30am.  OK, that’s really no defense at all because it doesn’t explain the following through of my “last semester routine” even to the point of unpacking my satchel and waiting for “GREEK” class to start.

Why did that happen?  Why did that slip my mind?  Why didn’t I realize somewhere along the way that I was way too early???  Or was I?  Because I was forgetful I am now having coffee with Jesus.  We are discussing His work at Powell Valley…things I never saw coming…things I never imagined.  They will  come to pass because He said so and not because I want them to.  There are some things that will come to pass no one will understand, including me; but make no mistake-He is sovereign and in full control. 

As I watch the families and individuals in our church begin to heal, find peace, find hope, and find strength, I see the future of Powell Valley.  Having coffee with Jesus this morning has negated my shame and embarassment of my forgetfulness.  It seems to have been by design.  Some would say “simply irresponsible”, but with spiritual eyes, ears, and understanding I have to conclude that Jesus wanted to have coffee with me this morning. 

“Heavenly Father, thank You for sending Your Son to have coffee with me this morning.  Give me your eyes, ears, and mind to see, hear, and understand You more and all You are teaching me to be and growing me to be.  I surrender to You in this moment as my Savior and my Lord.  In Your blessed and holy name.  Amen.”


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