The End.

No, this isn’t the end of my blog already.  I just started it!  This week I’m preparing for this weekend’s message: “Mission Accomplished.”  We’ll be talking about “THE END”.  Many times we get stuck in being “earthly minded.”  Not in the materialistic and sinful worldly manner, per se, but “here and now and near future” minded.  Are we eternally minded enough.  I mean, there has to be a balance.  You can’t ignore the “today” or the “tomorrow” or the “next year”, but you can’t ignore the “eternal” either.  This week’s message will address three things that absolutely without a doubt will happen to you in this life and the eternal life thereafter.  The eternal is not preached enough in most places and I believe we need to be reminded often of the joy and hope we can’t help but have when we truly know “what’s next.”


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